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Welcome pets

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At present we can accomodate only small and medium size pets.

When booking please let us know the presence of pets and ask if the following room is available.
For the respect of all humans and animals we prepared Room 105 that can accomodate guests with pets.

On request , the room can be fitted with a extralarge bed or two single beds.
For the pets there is a big basket with a soft pillow, diapers and two bowls for water and food.

We hope  the pet owner will take care not only of food but also of cleanliness and ensure the pet does not disrupt the quiet enjoyment of other guests.
The pet cannot be left alone in the room, must be kept on a leash outside and not free on the lawn surrounding the swimming pool.

An extra cost of 10 Euro per day is required

We wish both our human guests and animals a pleasant stay and thank  for their collaboration.

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